mind control

On a hot day in Mexico
we found ourselves
on a boat, a pirate
ship replica (lovely and
accurate, with a plank
and everything) and
O how it rocked and
rolled with the waves.
There was a small girl
who had fallen asleep
with her head resting
on a trash can. But I
wasn’t sick, and when
you asked me why
I said “mind control”
and smiled looking
out over the water.


2 thoughts on “mind control

  1. If i had more time and when i do, i’m going to sit through your blog and read all, if i can, the poems you’ve written. Seriously, this is no flattery. I’m saying this because i mean it. And i’ll try to understand what you’re saying through each poem. I’ll try.

    I like this, the sound of it, the words used and how they were used. My mind took flight when i read ‘a pirate ship replica,’ i thought of Cap’n Jack Sparrow…buh i know this more than just describing scenes and people, you’re saying sth i can’t instantly figure out and i’m wondering what’s she controlling with her mind?

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