New Years poem

Late at night on a roof
surrounded by smoke
and effigies burning
in every direction
I see the furniture
shop across the street
is full of people

I love you like
the sun and moon
stars and sky,
but closer,
like an oft read book
whose well worn cover
fits perfectly into my hands,
both comforting
and exciting,
new and old
unknown and familiar.

Rain returns like
an old friend

and greedily I
gather you both
back to me.


There is a wonder
(and a horror)
to waiting
and wanting.
But when the
wonder ends
you are left
with only the

I come into
the presence
of wild things,
quiet things.
The stillness
of water and cold
at night with only
a coyote singing
to remind me
of movement
and the rest
of the waking

Dreams are
in the daylight.