We are looking for all love related art for the month of February. Spread the words friends!

The Blue Hour

We are looking for Love in all shades – from blue tears to red fire light. We’d like your prose, poetry or artwork. Yes, this call also goes out to the jaded or those in love with the less traditional, like family, nature, or your art…anything that you’re passionate about.

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Birds, Paracas Peru


From the hotel window, Cuzco Peru


Alpacas, somewhere in the Andes Mountains between Umapampa and Ica


The Sacred Valley, near Pisaq Peru

After almost three weeks of traveling in Peru, I am happy to be home again. These are just a few instigrams from my trip. I will have many more photos to post once I have gone through and edited. Thanks for continuing to read while I was away!

National Guacamole Day

Its early on a Monday morning. Cold and quiet.
I coworker assembles a lab in the other room.
Your lab.
She puts the pieces together. I hear glass clinking
and it makes me miss you. How odd for her
to be touching your things. I watch her
and think to myself “you’re doing it wrong.”

Farming has made me see the world in cycles.
Clear and pronounced and complicated.
I feel torn, wanting rain for myself, but thinking – not yet.
Not just yet, the grapes aren’t ready.
Just a week more of sun. Maybe two.
Yesterday was National Guacamole Day.
A year ago on that day I told you
about the occasion, excited by my discovery.
You said, “We’d better go get some guac then.”
And we did.