Approximate Tuesday

On this approximate
Tuesday the only
place I find myself
content is outside
in the rain, hands
dirty, repotting
the plants.

Need makes me
unable to see
clearly, so

I pay the doctor
$400 to feel
like we are doing
something –
besides just sex.

Like hoping that
the promise of
rain is enough to
keep your flowers
from dying. It
won’t work
for long.

I arrive home to
find you in the
backyard playing
with fire. You
invite me to join
you, and of course
I do.


4 thoughts on “Approximate Tuesday

  1. Wow, Susie. This is just fantastic. I keep telling you -and I mean it- you have a tremendous gift at expressing feelings in direct, simple but evocative language. A true gift.

    I might add that this subject hits close to home too. . . .

  2. Indeed this is profound and in its simplicity — the definition of evocative. The story reverberates — thrums — in all the things that are left un-said. Thanks to Jeremy for re-blogging this.

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