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Better Cigarettes and Other Poems by Philip Vermaas is more than a poetry collection. It is a 158 page book of stories in the form of poems that are based on real life experience. Philip was born in South Africa and spent time in Scotland and England. During his travels, he encountered various people from the underdog transient begging on the corner to a sexy young woman in a high class grocery store. He tells their stories in a deserving tone of love or loathing. In this series, you will read how the Author finally finds true love after years of ambling aimlessly. He has now found love and believes in something once again. This book is a lifetime of stories by a lost man who has finally been found. Beware, his writing is highly addictive.

About the Author

Philip Vermaas was born to an actor and…

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Without Supper or Understanding

As a child of perhaps 5,
before I knew what a
cliché or a lie was,

my best friend and I
hopped over my backyard fence
to follow the trail of a rainbow which
was clearly landing nearby.

We followed and followed,
but it continued to get away from us.

Eventually a nice woman stopped us
and called my mother.

We both went to sleep that night
without supper or much understanding
of the days events.