The grey skies
speak to me today
as I touch the
silver bone I
wear around my neck
to remind me of what
I already know:

what I am –
what I can do.

The days when
I can’t see it
come so often,

but truth doesn’t fade
just because it isn’t seen,

and I know that
all I need is coded
in my very cells.

Yesterday on our walk
I took a photograph of
tire tracks left in the mud.
They were not extraordinary
and I wondered why I stopped,
what pulled me there.

I am not
I think to myself
looking at my
messy desk and
empty coffee cup

but I still like
when someone
stops to notice



3 thoughts on “Tracks

  1. There is so much in this poem. The imagery of touching the silver bone around your neck flowing into the why of it, “of what I already know” and “all I need is coded in my very cells.” All of it. I love it. Thank you.

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