This mountain is
both older and wiser
then any other
I have walked on
and I am constantly
surprised by her.

One night, headlamps
switched off,
we happen to look up
and see the most
fantastical set of stars
in that clear sky (how
odd in this rainy season
for it to be clear)and
they make the darkness
more light then dark,
make goodbye sound
less final, and the
impossible like a thing
to be patient for.

How long mountain
have you been trying
to teach us? I ask,
but language cannot
do everything.

We dig to encounter both
darkness and treasure
as they are so often
tied to each other.



Birds, Paracas Peru


From the hotel window, Cuzco Peru


Alpacas, somewhere in the Andes Mountains between Umapampa and Ica


The Sacred Valley, near Pisaq Peru

After almost three weeks of traveling in Peru, I am happy to be home again. These are just a few instigrams from my trip. I will have many more photos to post once I have gone through and edited. Thanks for continuing to read while I was away!