Rib ring

These bones are a reminder of all the stories our bones carry.

About the strength and structure that make us.
That though they are strong they still sometimes crack under strain or pressure.
It is about a million small moments.
About memory.

A reminder that what is broken can be fused and fixed.

Ribs specifically carry stories.

They protect
But protection is an illusion,

Change will come
It never stops coming
And it will take away things we love,
But it will bring new loves too
New wonders

They look like a cage
But it’s bars
Act instead as cracks
So we can live in both
Shadow and light.
They give us a place to hide
When we want one
But the light stays close
So we don’t have to travel far
When we begin to crave her again.

The details:

This ring is comprised of the end of an actual deer rib from a deer that my husband ethically harvested and which fed my family for many months. I cut the rib, used it to make a silicone mold and then made a wax cast of it before casting in sterling silver.

It has been lovingly sanded and polished for a lovely patina and tumbled for strength and shine.

This ring reminds us to honor those who came before, animal and human, and to honor our own strength.

It measures a size 7 on the mandrel and has a thin band hand forged from sterling silver.

Thank you for looking!


poetry in process

Bones on the brain

The whole house is sleeping
I am sleepy too
but sleep felt like a waste of precious time
so I am here
Glassey eyed,
sketching skulls.

We cut through bones
Yesterday evening in the dark
On the front porch.
He held the pruners
And I held the baby
While her and I
Watched his strength
Cut through

Now I have bones on the brain.

I think both
of their strength
and fragility

Remembering how easily
my own have broken

The other day a woman showed me how
The inside of a human skull
Has a pattern on it that looks just like
A leaf pressed into silver

In the crisp air and quiet
Of an empty room in the early morning
It seems quite natural,
That each should be
inside the other.