postcards and art prints



A few of my favorite photos, which have been previously posted here, have been made into post cards or 4×6 inch art prints. They have been printed in full color on high quality card stock.

They are available here:

If you are ever interested in a print of any of my other photos please feel free to email.

In the first photo starting at the left side and moving clockwise titles are as follows: driftwood window, Spring, nightfall, rust, adventure, and lichen.

driftwood window – was taken at the Oregon coast just outside of Tillamook in Cape Meares, very near the beach where I got married. 

Spring – was taken this year in my backyard near Yamhill Oregon when our trees first began to show signs of life after a long winter. 

nightfall – was taken in my backyard in rural Oregon in the summer last year just as the sun was going down. 

rust – was taken a couple years ago in Hawaii while driving the perimeter of the island and chatting with happy Hawaiian cows on the way. 

adventure – was taken while paddling in a Folbot that is much older then I am and used to be owned by my grandfather, on Hagg Lake in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. 

lichen – was taken with a macro lens last new years day in the woods near Sunriver Oregon