Succulent series in the works 

As odd as it seems this is what silversmithing looks like. At least it does when I am doing it.

I am really enjoying this new series I am working on fully inspired by nature using organic materials to make interesting cast small scale sculptural jewelry. 

It’s been a great time 🙂


three roses saddle ring

This new saddle ring has just been added to the shop. Link on the right sidebar 🙂

The rose, one of nature’s sweetest beauties, reminds us that even beauty and sweetness must be tempered. Must be balanced.

Sweet with sour.
Growth and decay.
Life with death.

These roses remind us to remain soft in a hard world.


This substantial ring is one of a kind and was made entirely by my two hands. Three different sizes of roses have been soldered to the saddle ring face below a lovely round cut of banded agate. It is a lovely grey/ purple color with white banding.

The piece has been sanded, oxidized and polished for a comfortable fit and lovely patina and tumbled for strength and texture.

It measures on the mandrel as an 8.75 but will fit best on an 8-8.5 finger due to the width of the band.

Strange Beauty, my second poetry collection, is now available for pre order HERE. All pre ordered copies will ship on December 15th.

I am so excited that the book is finally available, thanks so much for your support!


Strange Beauty is an exceptionally appropriate title for this collection of poems. Susan Sweetland Garay marvels at the ordinary, expressing her observations about the everyday with precision and adoration in equal measure. Her poetry will make you fall in love with the world or fall in love with it even more. “The sacred/and mundane/overlap like/ocean and sand,/in constant motion…”

-Matt Margo
Author of When Empurpled: An Elegy
editor of Zoomoozophone Review


Garay’s poetry is sharp and clean, yet embraces ideas with lines as open and wild as they are sonorous. Her words blur dichotomies to pastel shades, then soar through vistas where art meets elegance and free-flying expressions of color and sound wing their way along like chromatic birds. A talented poetess with a bright future ahead of her to be sure.

-Earl E.S. Wynn
Editor of Leaves of Ink

 IMG_4761 IMG_4762

With its unadorned images and pared back narrative, Strange Beauty is filled with exactly that—strange beauty. The world introduced within these histories balances between fantasy and reality, between the world we wonder at and the world we struggle in. This narrator is domestic instinct—is woken by secrets—is presenter of rain and waves in the sea—with her dream-like charm on exhibition.

—Stephanie Bryant Anderson
Founder of Red Paint Hill Publishing
author of Monozygotic | Codependent


Strange Beauty includes 77 pages of original writing with themes including motherhood, family relationships, finding beauty in the ordinary and a relationship with the natural world.

The book is available through Aldrich Press, an imprint of Kelsay Books. Please include a message in comments if you would like a signed copy of the book.

Copyright Susan Sweetland Garay 2015. All rights reserved.

postcards and art prints



A few of my favorite photos, which have been previously posted here, have been made into post cards or 4×6 inch art prints. They have been printed in full color on high quality card stock.

They are available here:

If you are ever interested in a print of any of my other photos please feel free to email.

In the first photo starting at the left side and moving clockwise titles are as follows: driftwood window, Spring, nightfall, rust, adventure, and lichen.

driftwood window – was taken at the Oregon coast just outside of Tillamook in Cape Meares, very near the beach where I got married. 

Spring – was taken this year in my backyard near Yamhill Oregon when our trees first began to show signs of life after a long winter. 

nightfall – was taken in my backyard in rural Oregon in the summer last year just as the sun was going down. 

rust – was taken a couple years ago in Hawaii while driving the perimeter of the island and chatting with happy Hawaiian cows on the way. 

adventure – was taken while paddling in a Folbot that is much older then I am and used to be owned by my grandfather, on Hagg Lake in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. 

lichen – was taken with a macro lens last new years day in the woods near Sunriver Oregon