The Interpretation of Dreams

I look out the window
surrounded by naked vines
and fog so thick I can no longer
see the birds who used to
swarm so joyfully.

It feels like it’s been ages
since I walked under a blue sky.

I read a book once that said
as humans when we feel an emotion,
in the midst of feeling it
we can’t imagine there
ever being a time when we
no longer feel that thing.
Though logically we know
it’s not true, we feel that
it will last forever.

It’s that kind of fog.

When I was young friends
would come to me for
an interpretation of dreams.

It was not hard.

There was meaning
right below
the surface,
asking me to reach down
and pull it up into the air.

I wonder if I reach up
into the fog
what kind of truth
will drip down on me.