Black and white mood




Amazingly all 5 of us
are together in the backyard
checking on the
so as to not miss
oneโ€™s perfect ripeness,

and a humming bird zooms in.

He is here and there
and here again, sampling
each raspberry bloom.

All eyes are on him
including two quite young ones
and four feline.

He comes quite close
to get a particularly appetizing
looking flower.

He stays longer than I
expect him to,
unafraid of us
as we stand still.

And then with a woosh
he is off to his next

and we go inside
to make our dinner
and eat our strawberries.


The grey skies
speak to me today
as I touch the
silver bone I
wear around my neck
to remind me of what
I already know:

what I am –
what I can do.

The days when
I canโ€™t see it
come so often,

but truth doesnโ€™t fade
just because it isnโ€™t seen,

and I know that
all I need is coded
in my very cells.

Yesterday on our walk
I took a photograph of
tire tracks left in the mud.
They were not extraordinary
and I wondered why I stopped,
what pulled me there.

I am not
I think to myself
looking at my
messy desk and
empty coffee cup

but I still like
when someone
stops to notice