postcards and art prints



A few of my favorite photos, which have been previously posted here, have been made into post cards or 4×6 inch art prints. They have been printed in full color on high quality card stock.

They are available here:

If you are ever interested in a print of any of my other photos please feel free to email.

In the first photo starting at the left side and moving clockwise titles are as follows: driftwood window, Spring, nightfall, rust, adventure, and lichen.

driftwood window – was taken at the Oregon coast just outside of Tillamook in Cape Meares, very near the beach where I got married. 

Spring – was taken this year in my backyard near Yamhill Oregon when our trees first began to show signs of life after a long winter. 

nightfall – was taken in my backyard in rural Oregon in the summer last year just as the sun was going down. 

rust – was taken a couple years ago in Hawaii while driving the perimeter of the island and chatting with happy Hawaiian cows on the way. 

adventure – was taken while paddling in a Folbot that is much older then I am and used to be owned by my grandfather, on Hagg Lake in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. 

lichen – was taken with a macro lens last new years day in the woods near Sunriver Oregon






eating an orange

I eat an orange
and look at the rain
fall outside my second
story window onto
the streets and
sidewalks below
as my body begins to
reproduce the blood
that the doctor has
just taken from me.

it seems,
a body takes over.

The mind becomes
less important and
precious thoughts
are harder
to formulate
or care about.

Needs are basic
and primal and
we learn to listen
to the wisdom of
our bodies.

A bit of juice
dribbles down
my finger and
as I lick it up
I am reminded
that we are all
just animals
full of instinct.

I close my eyes
and feel the world
begin to change
its course
according to the
movements of my toes
and the pads
of my fingertips.